Applications Function of Silicate Recommended Silicate Grade Advantages


Coating Welding Rods Binder K-66, K-76 Good Bonding effect.
Foundry Moulds & Core Binders Binder F-1, F-2, F-4, F-5 Eliminates fumes & gives high strength. Fast Set.
Pelletizing Binder NTL 40 Increases strength of formed pellets & helps in balling.
Briquetting Binder NTL 40 Improves cohesive & flow properties.


Peroxide Bleaching Chemical Reaction T – 50 Uniform bleaching & conserves peroxide.
Pad-Batch Dyeing Buffering T – 50 Lower processing costs & fixation of dye.

Petroleum Processing

Drilling Muds Colloidal NTL 30, NTL 40 Stabilizing well bore.

Pulp and Paper

Peroxide Bleaching of Pulp Buffering Action & Stabilizer T-50, NTL 30, NTL 40 Uniform bleaching & conserves peroxide.
Deinking Detergency T-50, NTL 30, NTL 40 Helps in ink removal. (White Pulp)
Adhesives for Laminating / Labeling Adhesion NTL 40, NTL C-40 Strong bonding & Economical.
Sealing Flap of Containers Adhesive-Fast set NTL 40 Strong Bond. Economical.
Corrugated Paper, Wall Boards Adhesive-Fast Set NTL 40 High strength Board. Fire resistance.
Spiral Wound Tubes Adhesive-Fast Set F-3, NTL 40 High strength & Economical.

Detergent / Cleaning Compounds

Household Laundry Powders/ Cakes Binder, Corrosion inhibitor F-3, S-16, S-22, S-OG Helps in processing for spray-dried products. Detergency. Corrosion protection
Soaps, Detergents & Industrial Cleaners Wetting & Binding Agent S-16, S-22, S-OG Increases detergency, Firmness to soap.

Building Products / Construction

Acid – Proof Cements Binder NTL 40, K-66, K-76 Easy to use & Economical.
Refractory Cements Binder NTL 40, K-66, K-76 Bond strength & high temperature resistance.
Soil Solidification / Grouting Gel Reaction NTL 40, NTL 30 Economical binder.
Hardening & Curing Concrete Chemical NTL 40, NTL 30 Dust Proof – Longer Life.
Furnace & Stove Cements Binding NTL 40, NTL 30 Plastic – Heat Resistance.

Allied Chemicals

Manufacture of gels, catalyst & molecular sieves Chemical NTL C- 40, NTL 40, NTL 30 Convenient Silica source.
Titanium Dioxide Film Formation NTL C-40 Acid Resistance, Reduces Chalking.

Mineral Benefication

Deflocculating Clays Dispersing Action F-1, F-3, T-50 More fluid-power reduction in brick making.
Ore Floatation Deflocculating Action F-1, F-3, T-50 Improved Seperation.